PLL LED Lighting

PLL lights more commonly referred to as PL bulbs are plug-in light bulbs that are found in a number of commercial fixtures. LED PL bulbs are the best choice for plug-in lighting instead of CFL’s because of all of the previously mentioned benefits of going ‘LED’. Therefore making the switch to LED plug-in bulbs which are also better at handling temperature fluctuations and on-off switching is a great way to save money.

LED PL Base Types

Designed to offer just as many plug-in options as CFL’s, LED PL bulbs are available in 2 pin or 4 pin base types including G20’s, GX20’s, GX32’s, 2G7’s, and 2G11’s and can be mounted horizontally or vertically.

LED Power Configurations

LED PL bulbs are offered in three different power configurations. Plug-and-play LED bulbs operate with a compatible ballast and are a quick and easy way to transition to more energy-efficient lighting. Direct wire LED bulbs operate by bypassing the ballast and will run directly off of line power. Hybrid LED bulbs are a good middle ground for those wanting to improve on energy-efficiency but don’t want to incur the cost of bypassing the ballast. Initially Hybrid LED bulbs will work with a compatible ballast but when the ballast fails they can run off of line power. With all of these available options, LED PL bulbs are an easy and cost effective reason why you should replace CFL’s with LED’s.